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Legislative Update ~ May 30, 2017

Posted over 1 year ago by Sarah Deyo

The LAPA legislative committee has worked with Senator Lafleur and Senator Tarver on Senate Bill 216. This bill is important to PAs in Louisiana as it includes Physician Assistants in the qualified healthcare professionals who can execute a physician emergency commitment (PEC).

Why do we need this change?

Public Health & Welfare

  • Allowing Physician Assistants to execute a PEC prevents potentially dangerous patients from committing acts of violence in the community.


  • Physician Assistants may be the only healthcare provider on site and they need a means to detain a potentially dangerous patient.
  • Meeting the Standard of Care for the Acutely Mentally Ill
  • Expanding the PEC privilege to Physician Assistants gives them the ability to follow the standard of care for acutely mentally ill patients.

Physician Assistants’ Training

  • Physician Assistants are trained in psychiatry and are certified by a national board and are therefore equipped to identify and treat psychiatric emergencies.

Regulation Changes

100% co-signature has been eliminated. This is effective now. Please log on to the LSBME website and become familiar with the new performance plan process that replaced co-signature. We have included the link below. Under performance plan, you will choose your practice setting and abide by the directives listed.

Law Changes
Gov. Jindal signed SB 115 in July 2015. This is in effect now. To add an SP, you will use the same forms as previously used. Ensure their names are listed in your CPG's. Regarding schedule II authority, there is a delay with PAs updating their RX authority to include schedule II. Currently the DEA is waiting on the La Board of Pharmacy to update the drug schedules PAs are allowed to write. Once this is complete (can take several more weeks), you will log onto the DEA website and choose "Registration Changes". You will enter all required information and choose "login". Once you are in your portal, choose "update business activity". This is where you will update your schedules as delegated by your physician. Currently you can call the La Board of Pharmacy and update your schedules. There is no fee to update your DEA license. There is a $5 fee to update your CDS license.

Update DEA Registration

How to Locate Your State Representative & Senator

Follow this link FIND MY LEGISLATOR and type in the required information. You can then click on the provided hyperlinks to get their personal contact information.

Please utilize the following addresses to send a letter, via U.S. Mail, to them at the Capitol building:

  • Representative John Doe
    State Capitol
    P.O. Box 44486
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4486

  • Senator Jane Doe
    State Capitol
    P.O. Box 94183
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4183

Please utilize the following address for UPS, Federal Express or other delivery services:

  • Representative or Senator John Doe
    State Capitol
    900 North Third Street
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804

To speak directly with a Representative or Senator, at the Capitol, contact the House switchboard (225) 342-6945 or the Senate switchboard (225) 342-2040.

Legislative Committee