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Update - SB 528

Posted 12 months ago by Sarah Deyo

Senate Bill 528 was passed yesterday in the Health and Welfare committee!! A HUGE step forward for Louisiana PAs.

There was no hesitation to clarify the 500 clinical TRAINING hours as hours obtained DURING PA school. This removes a huge employment barrier for our new graduate PA colleagues!!

Ultimately the committee agreed to amend the bill to increase the SP/PA ratio from 1:4 to 1:8. This will provide much needed relief to our PAs working in rural areas, urgent cares and emergency departments,  and increases patient access to care!

We could not have managed this without the skilled help of our Lobbyists, Duane Cowart and Darrell Hunt. And of course, Senator Eric LaFleur who is such a champion for Louisiana PAs.

But our work is not done! The bill must pass the Senate chamber and then move on to the House of Representatives. We need to keep up with the grass-roots efforts (many legislators commented to us that they have been hearing from you all). Keep the phone calls/emails going!

We will continue to post updates.

Many thanks,

LAPA Legislative Committee


Ben Johnson 11 months ago

Great news.

Karen Beabout 11 months ago

Awesome! Thanks for the update!

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