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Posted 12 months ago by Sarah Deyo

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Dear Louisiana PAs,

SB 475 is now scheduled for 3rd and final reading in the senate chamber on Monday. It is imperative that everyone email the senate to voice their oppositions/concerns with the bill.  Overnight, LAPA received multiple emails from PAs across the nation as well as military medics who are helping with the charge! Very encouraging!

We will also send the phone number to the senate chamber on Monday for direct calls.

Some tips when emailing:

  • Address to Senator X
  • Be polite, of course!
  • State your name, where you work, where you attended PA school¬†and that you are a member of Louisiana Academy of Physician Assistants (don't forget to join/renew)!
  • Express your concerns/objectives to the bill without being dispariging/insulting (seems obvious, right?)
  • Any personal experience or unique angle gets attention. The staffers generally monitor the inboxes, and can sniff out a form letter
  • We have attached a sample letter for talking points - but try to really customize/personalize and send a unique letter.
  • Offer to discuss further and include your contact information

Here is the link to all Louisiana senators, please include Senator Riser in all of your emails.

Here is the link to the bill, click here

Many thanks,
LAPA Board


Michelle Malzahn 11 months ago

I sent emails to Senators Long, Luneau, and Fannin regarding opposition of SB 475.

Rebecca Clawson 11 months ago

I just sent emails to Senators Peacock, Milkovich, Tarver, and Riser.

Ben Johnson 11 months ago

Any update on the status of this bill?

Sarah Deyo 11 months ago

Bill has been deferred. Thanks to all who emailed/made phone calls.

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